What We Do – Talent Management Strategies

Effective talent management strategies ensure that your organisation has the capability to acquire and develop the right people now and in the future. Actively working on talent management assists your high potentials or any ambitious individuals in your organisation with personal and professional development, career path and growth opportunities to progress their careers. This is a critical requirement in today’s business world. Employers that don’t manage their talent will quickly lose them to other employers!

How does Let’s Talk Career provide talent management programs?

Let us assist you to design in-house talent management strategies that are right for your organisation. We will help you objectively identify who and where your ‘talent’ is and what you need to do to grow, develop and retain them in today’s marketplace.

We have the research, we have the tools and we have the expertise to provide you with strategies for talent development and retention via executive coaching and career counselling at all levels.

We run in-house short programs on the following topics:

  • Identifying your talent – who are your high potentials?
  • Developing talent for future organisational success
  • Designing a robust talent management program
  • Talent management good practice – an overview for HR professionals.

I’m interested in your talent management programs. How do I get started?

Email us today at for details of our tailored talent management strategies and career counselling services. Alternatively, call us for an appointment to discuss your needs on Freecall: 1800 284 255 .

Need advice on talent development or talent management strategies? Let’s Talk Career!