What We Do – Personality Tests And Psychometric Assessments

Organisations can use personality tests and psychometric assessments as part of a robust recruitment and selection process, helping ensure candidates have the right range of aptitudes and qualities to move your organisation in the direction you desire. Additionally, they may assist in coaching and development of staff, leadership development, job crafting, talent identification, succession planning, facilitating team building activities or form part of a wider career counselling program.

Individuals may use personality tests and psychometric assessments to identify their strengths, how they like to work and what they need in their work environments to be happy.

What is a personality or psychometric assessment?

Research has shown that people vary widely in their work productivity and ability to learn. Psychometric testing can effectively predict this variation (Campbell, 1996; Hartigan & Wigdor, 1989; Hunter & Hunter, 1984; Robertson and Smith, 2001).

A comprehensive personality assessment can be conducted via a questionnaire. This is the most reliable and cost-effective method of selecting employees who will have the highest overall job performance.

As an individual looking to make career changes or enter the job market, an online assessment can provide direction and help you select a path that’s likely to offer long term job satisfaction.

Work with our qualified psychometric assessment team

At Let’s Talk Career we have accreditation to undertake personality, work preference and psychometric assessments with a wide range of tools including:

  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI);
  • Team Management Systems Work Preferences;
  • CPI 260 (Personality Inventory);
  • SHL Abilities Tests (analytical, verbal, mechanical, numerical reasoning and more);
  • SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire;
  • HAY McBer’s Emotional Intelligence;
  • LSI;
  • Plus many, many others!

How do personality tests work?

All our assessments are scientifically validated tools, which require certification or accreditation to administer. Most assessments can be undertaken online, in either supervised or unsupervised settings. Once you or your staff have completed the appropriate questionnaire online, a tailored debrief session is undertaken over the phone or in person to further explain the results.

Individuals may like to follow their online assessment with a personalised career counselling session to further explore their goals and suitabilities.

I want to learn more about psychometric assessments. How do I get started?

Email us today at for more details of our personality tests and psychometric assessments in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Far North Queensland and Auckland. Not all assessments and tests measure the same thing. Let us help you identify the best tool for your specific needs. Alternatively, call us for an appointment to discuss your needs on Freecall: 1800 284 255.

Need advice on personality tests and psychometric assessments to help you realise your professional goals? Let’s Talk Career!