Let’s Talk Career has been fortunate to have worked with some great individuals and organisations who have been happy to attest to our commitment to them and their satisfaction with the end result.

I was incredibly lucky to have had Marina as my careers coach. She is inspirational, and her personalised and genuine approach made every session invaluable. Marina’s coaching and guidance were crucial to helping me be shortlisted for an interview in my preferred field, and ultimately be offered the job!! With Marina’s help I was able to refine my CV, plan a clearer path to next career steps, and thoroughly prepare for interviews. Marina also provided me with numerous sample scenarios to interview questions. This allowed me to have quality examples ready to go and adapt to the questions asked.
Whilst the effects of the pandemic had created significant challenges and added stress for job seeking, Marina’s determination was critical to helping me maintain momentum, drive, and confidence during this period. Marina is a joy to work with. Her perfect balance of firm yet calm and fun manner, combined with her passion for helping people succeed, ensures you remain motivated and never lose sight of your goals! I will be recommending Marina to others at every opportunity.
Thank you so very much Marina!!

– Nicoletta – Melbourne

When I was asked to connect with Let’s Talk Career for outplacement support, by my previous employer, I thought to myself why would I need this. I’ve got this under control. Little did I realise how wrong I was.  I was in the same job for 14 years and all I knew was that job. I decided to get into contact with Let’s Talk Career where I met  Marina , a career coach.

As daunting as it was to have to approach someone to help me, I have to say that it was the best thing that I have done.  Marina is amazing. Her professionalism goes above and beyond.  Throughout our sessions she guided me, helped me, pushed me to break out of my shell and just go for it! 

She showed me various techniques on how to go about selling myself and acquiring the job that would best suit me. At the same time, she is a very compassionate individual who takes the time to ask how you are feeling. 

I highly recommend Marina and Let’s Talk Career. 

– Effie – Melbourne

“Professional good to speak to someone impartial, in the third person space. For me, I knew where I was wanting to go, I didn’t have to start from scratch. I wanted to get out of there and came with a positive attitude anyway. But, it was a refinement of direction. A perspective on my next journey from someone who didn’t know me. Jane asked questions that opened a different enquiry. She did a lot of work around what do and what I really, really like – what would suit me in a workspace.”

– Rhonda – Melbourne

“It (the outplacement program) was more than great. I am very appreciative of (the organisation) offering this to us as it turned what was a very negative experience into a positive one. I think if I didn’t have this, I would still be left wondering what happen, why this happened and what to do next.”

– Belle – Melbourne

“She (Raelene) had an immediate understanding of what I was going through. Raelene was fantastic – I’ve spoken to others that met with her and we have all fallen in love with Raelene.”

– Bethany – Melbourne

“I needed to update my resume – it had been 10 years and it was 7 pages long. We got it into a great format and down to four pages. I liked how Nicola didn’t beat around the bush, she made sense. She asked me what I wanted to do and was quick to put me on the right path.”

– Doug – Brisbane

“Raelene made me feel comfortable from the very first session giving me confidence in taking the next step.”

– Jenny – Melbourne

“It was really good to get someone who is up to speed with writing CVs and getting all my experience over the last 16 years at (organisation), onto paper. Juan helped also with interview techniques, competency based interviews which was really helpful to me. It has been really helpful.”

– Mike – Auckland, NZ

“I enjoyed speaking to someone who had industry experience and who had an HR background. I was reassured that I was doing and pursuing the right thing. After something like this (redundancy) you can doubt yourself, but the reassurance was good.”

– Nina – Melbourne

“Melissa was informative, personable and I couldn’t speak highly enough of her really. She was able to provide me with sound advice and had sat in a recruiter’s chair, so she knew what she was talking about.”

– Nina – Melbourne

“Now I’ve walked away with a professional resume and a professional LinkedIn profile – it’s given me a different perspective to LinkedIn and she (Raelene) showed me how to utilise this to network whether I’m employed or not.”

– David – Melbourne

“Raelene was fantastic. Very understanding and patient with me. She helped organise my resume and we just discussed things in general about the position I was in which was a big help. I have never been in this position before (being made redundant), I had been with (the organisation) for 23 years and a lot has changed and here I am thrown into the workplace again. It was very hard.”

– Kevin – Melbourne

“Emma was lovely to deal with – she was organised and planned and was quick to get across what needed to be covered off in our sessions. You kind of know what you need to do, but it is good to refresh your knowledge.”

– Brad – Melbourne

“Outplacement programs are such an important thing to provide – it was such a painful experience, I felt loss and grieving, my self-esteem was down. Some people had been here for such a long time, this service was definitely needed for us.”

– Loretta – Melbourne

“Raelene – if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten through. She kept me believing in myself and showed me my worth when I felt worthless.”

– Loretta – Melbourne

“I’m 50 so I was learning new tricks so to speak! Updating what I have got, looking at what other people are doing now and learning a new way of thinking and doing things.”

– Nigel – Perth

“Anne has a positive no-nonsense approach and attitude, she presented good ideas and practical suggestions.”

– David – Adelaide

“(I enjoyed) the end result. Prior to coaching I was not getting what I wanted, but through this I have arrived at where I need to be.”

– David – Adelaide

“Nicola, Nicola, Nicola! She was just really good. I loved working with her, she was a helpful, neutral person to talk to away from all that was going on at (organisation). She took time to talk to me and talk things out with me.”

– Rachel – Brisbane

“I think that this service is essential for employees to have access to. We need an independent person at times and HR is often not that person. Of course, they are going to bat on the side of the organisation they work for, so this independent service is essential.”

– Eleanor – Melbourne

“I enjoyed the approachable and personable style of the coaching. There was plenty to cover and lots of options to consider. The meetings were punchy and focussed which was good when you are working – there was no fillers or fluff. The impartial opinion was great and having an independent point of view to talk through ideas.”

– Eleanor – Melbourne

“William was always available to change dynamically on the spot (see above example). He was a very good coach. He helped me understand the Australian job market, the approach to interviewing and helped me change my CV to which I have been getting more nibbles than I had been.”

– Dhiren – Sydney

“I really enjoyed the openness of the sessions. It was very easy to connect with William and open up about personal challenges – something I didn’t think I would be able to do. I had 8 sessions and William was very lucid and flexible. He wasn’t following a strict program which is good for me, he was flexible and able to accommodate my needs.”

– Daniel – Sydney

“They (the organisation) need to make this available to staff being made redundant. Many are thrust out into looking for employment after a number of years and it is good to know that (the organisation) will assist you and be there to help. It is commendable and critical.”

– Brad – Melbourne

“I just think the way the program was tailored to my needs was great. There were a number of things we could have covered, but we honed in on what was critical to me and this was great.”

– Brad – Melbourne

“Raelene was so helpful, compassionate, the way in which she spoke to me was respectful. From the moment I met with Raelene, I felt empowered.”

– Yvonne – Melbourne

“Louise was very proactive and extremely bubbly. She made us feel that everything was going to be ok.”

– Troy – WA

“Having someone who is with you from day one of being made redundant makes you feel less alone and is often the lifeline that’s gets you through the first weeks/months of unemployment. I think a lot of people would suffer greatly if this service were not offered.”

– Angela – Melbourne

“(Raelene) Was extremely good at not letting me slip between the cracks and be forgotten – was always calling and following up and ensuring that I was making progress towards finding employment.”

– Angela – Melbourne