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Let’s Talk Career offers tailored, one-to-one executive coaching sessions and outplacement services.  Sessions are held at our meeting rooms in Market Street or George Street in the Sydney CBD. Or, if mutually convenient and central, we can attend at your workplace.  Our sessions are also available online for your safety and convenience.

Career Transition and Outplacement Sydney

Work with our team of experienced career coaches to ease the strain of redundancy and termination.  Our career transition and outplacement programs empower your former staff to move on to their next position.  It also shows your remaining team that you’ve got their back, even when times are tough.

Executive Coaching Sydney

We can assist you to reach your full high-performance potential, take your high performance to even the next level, identify career blockers/barriers that may hamper your career progression, identify your unique talents and strengths, work on a specific area of workplace concern, evaluate the organisational culture that best suits you, achieve your performance targets, hone your people skills and develop your leadership capability.

Executive coaching packages can be purchased by organisations as part of their leadership development or high potential development programs, or by individuals who are investing in their own professional development.


For over 15 years, William has been specialising in strategic business development, business psychology/OD, organisational design, organisational change management, organisational transformations, talent retention, outplacement services and leadership/executive coaching & training.

Throughout his career, William has been a sought-after guest speaker at a number of international conferences for neuroscience, business psychology and organisational development. In the technical disciplines, William also specialises in ICT Strategy Consulting, Technical Sales & Pre-Sales, Cloud Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Network Solutions, Security Solutions, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery.

He has extensive hands-on experience consulting to clients in the banking, government, health services, human resources, telecommunications, transport & logistics and utilities industries. William has also spoken internationally on Disaster Recovery subjects such as Terrorism, IT Service Continuity and Pandemics, as well as at a number of mobility forums both nationally and internationally.

William has a Masters degree in Business Coaching. William has a uniquely warm and approachable yet challenging coaching style that assures to bring out the very best performance in the client.

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