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What We Do – Graduate’s Career Kickstarter Course

 Are you a graduate looking for career advice? Our Graduate Career Kickstarter course is designed for you.

If you’ve worked hard to finish your degree, got some careers advice, updated your resume, applied for roles and then …. waited … we know how you feel.

Don’t waste time feeling disheartened. It’s time to get proactive! Let us work with you to kickstart your professional future.

Kickstart your career with career counselling that gets results

Our Graduate Career Kickstarter program is specifically tailored to give recent graduates from Australian universities advice about career options. We assist you to prepare for your job search with a 6 step career coaching program (1 hour per week for a total of 6 weeks).

A Myers Briggs assessment is included, which gives insight into the types of work environment and job tasks you will most enjoy. This information assists us in tailoring the sessions to your unique personality type. From there, you’ll work through 6 modules under the guidance of our qualified careers advice team.

1. Getting to know you

In this module we work with you on understanding what your career or job search goal is and what your work style preferences are. We help you identify what unique qualities, talents and strengths you bring to a prospective employer.  We will talk about handling any anxiety you are feeling and get you motivated in your job search.

2. Your resume

In this module we work with you on your resume. Perhaps yours needs refreshing, updating or changing? Perhaps you need to start from scratch and write one. We will supply you with the latest and best quality resume templates. We will review your resume drafts and give you constructive feedback.

3. Understanding where the best graduate opportunities are

In this module we teach you where the jobs are, including how to tap into the hidden job market to find the best graduate opportunities. We show you how to utilise LinkedIn, Seek, your networks and more.

4. Your cover letters

In this module, we provide you with a cover letter format and teach you how to construct a killer cover letter. We cover selection criteria, competencies and the skills/behaviours prospective employers expect to see from graduates.

5. Blitzing your behavioural and panel interviews

In this module, we coach you on how to perform best at a behavioural interview. We cover everything from what they are, how they work, what to expect and how to prepare for them so you answer the questions in the best way possible. We also give you tips on panel interview skills.

6. Other stuff just for you!

In this module, you get to focus on anything that is of particular interest and relevance to you in your job search. You may decide to focus on psychometric assessments, your strengths, reference checking or strategies for dealing with nerves. Tell us what you want to focus on and we will design this last session around you!

Frequently asked questions

When can I start?

You can start at any time. Once you start the program will run for 6 weeks.

Who will be my career coach?

All our career coaches come from corporate HR backgrounds. They know how graduate recruitment works and they understand professional roles. They can give you the real-life practical insights you need to be successful in your job search. You will be allocated a career coach to work with for the entirety of your program.

When does it run?

Once you sign up for the program, we will agree on when your 6 sessions will run (based on your timetable). We then book the sessions into both your and your coach’s diaries.

Please note: We do have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you wish to reschedule your session, please advise us in writing 48 hours beforehand. Failure to do so may result in you forfeiting that session.

Where does it run?

You will meet with your coach via Skype, telephone or in our office at the appointed times to work through the modules (one a week for 6 weeks). You get to ask questions, share ideas, practice answers, get feedback and find out all you need to know for job search success.

What equipment do I need?

You will need:

  • a computer or laptop (with Word for resume and cover letters)
  • email access & email address
  • internet access (to use our online tools & talk to your coach on Skype)
  • a phone (if you don’t have internet or Skype, you can still talk to your coach at the set times).

What will completing this program give me?

This program will teach you job search skills and techniques that will help you find a professional job. It will boost your confidence and give you someone to partner with, reflect with and share your ups and downs with during that journey.

What does the 6 session program cost?

Our program costs $1999+GST.

I want to learn more about your Graduate Career Kickstarter course. How do I get started?

Email with your questions. Use the subject ‘KickStarter’.

Ready to kickstart your graduate career? Call us on 1800 284 255.

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