What We Do – Career Management Services

Many employers discover through their employee climate surveys, exit interviews and general discussions with their staff that employees want to actively develop their career further, higher and faster! Offering career management services to your staff to help them create career development strategies shows you value their individual goals. It also rewards your business with loyal and highly-skilled teams.

It isn’t always easy for organisations to manage their employees’ desires and expectations, however, when it comes to career goals. There may not be enough internal opportunities or promotions to provide all employees with the immediate career progress they desire. This is where professional career counselling can provide practical alternatives.

Career development for internal career management

There are many proactive ways organisations can assist their people to develop their careers without losing valuable members of the team. Have you considered running a series of lunchtime seminars for your people on career development topics? Or perhaps running a series of sessions for your line managers, increasing their capability to discuss and work with their people on their career development? Career coaching with Let’s Talk Career can provide you with the right tools to keep employees engaged and satisfied with their career development plans.

How does Let’s Talk Career offer career management programs?

Hourly career management seminars can be run during lunchtimes, during work hours or after work. Choose a regular time that suits your work schedule, or make your program accessible by running career planning sessions at a variety of times.

Career management seminars for staff

  • Take Charge Of Your Own Career
  • Networking Internally
  • Career Goal Setting
  • How To Be A High Flyer
  • And many more!

Career management seminars for people managers

  • Successful Career Conversations
  • Career Development – Thinking Outside the Box
  • Managing Your Talent
  • And many more!

Career management fast track program

A structured 1 on 1 executive and high potential coaching program which covers:

  • Career goal setting
  • Being a high performer
  • Personal branding – What do you want to be known for?
  • Networking and finding a sponsor
  • Understanding your strengths (and your Unique Value Proposition)
  • Building resilience.

I’m interested in your career management services. How do I get started?

Email us today at for details of our career management seminars, tailored workshops and programs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Far North Queensland and Auckland. Alternatively, call us for an appointment to discuss your needs on Freecall: 1800 284 255 .

Our career management services benefit your team and your organisation. Want to know more? Let’s Talk Career!