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Let’s Talk Career offers tailored, one-to-one executive coaching sessions and outplacement services in Brisbane. Sessions are held in central Brisbane. If mutually convenient, we can also attend your workplace for sessions.  For the comfort and safety of our team, and yours, we also offer online executive coaching and outplacement sessions.

Outplacement Services Brisbane

Regardless of the reason your employee is leaving your service, you want them (and your current staff) to know that you support them through their career change.  Our outplacement service empowers your former employee to pursue new opportunities through bespoke, focused one on one career transition coaching.

Executive Coaching Brisbane

We can assist you to reach your full high-performance potential, take high performance to very high performance, identify career blockers/barriers that may hamper your career progression, identify your unique talents and strengths, work on a specific area of workplace concern, evaluate the organisational culture that best suits you, achieve your performance targets, hone your people skills and develop your leadership capability.

Executive coaching packages can be purchased by organisations as part of their leadership development or high potential development programs, or by individuals who are investing in their own professional development.



Rita’s personal mission is to empower others to be the best they can be. To finish each day with a sense of achievement, to feel that the work we do is valued, and that we have been the best we can be today, creates purpose, meaning and energy. Helping leaders create the best environment and to build the skills they need to thrive, is the work that gives Rita her own purpose, meaning and energy.

Rita provides supportive and targeted outplacement services to help your former team member to focus on new opportunities, to feel confident and to succeed in their job search.

Rita’s career of more than 30 years in HR and organizational development has spanned a wide range of industries and organisations, from global corporates such as The Boeing Company to a rural co-op (Norco), government enterprises, airline (Qantas) and banking (St George), as well as running her own leadership development and coaching businesses for several years.

She is a highly skilled coach, facilitator, and trainer, with a passion for leadership and team coaching. In particular, she works with leaders in transition into new roles (the ‘first 100 days’) at all levels, and in the area of diversity & inclusion.
Highly qualified with a Masters’ degree in Strategic HRM, you will find Rita’s style to be grounded in strong values, challenging, compassionate, and fun.

Most of all, Rita is curious, a creative thinker who is passionate about helping others build their own future selves. She thrives on learning, growth, and change, and is always looking to work with others who also want to be the best they can be.

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