What We Do – Executive Coaching

At Let’s Talk Career, we provide executive coaching services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Far North Queensland and Auckland. Our experienced executive coaching professionals understand your business needs and work environment. They will provide you with tools and strategies to realise your individual and organisational goals.

Who can benefit from executive coaching?

An executive coach can provide personalised workplace coaching for senior staff across a range of industries and responsibilities, including:

  • senior managers and executives
  • mid-level and senior professional or technical specialists
  • returning expatriates
  • small business owners
  • managing directors and CEOs
  • board directors.

To excel in a senior role, one needs high EQ, people leadership and team skills to:

  • increase current performance levels
  • navigate office politics
  • resolve feelings of discontentment about current role
  • understand oneself and what one’s values are
  • improve relationships with peers and managers
  • work through feelings of work-related conflict or confusion
  • identify causes of workplace stress and develop coping strategies and/or
  • resolve issues that impact upon career and professional effectiveness.

How does Let’s Talk Career provide executive coaching?

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach when it comes to executive coaching at Let’s Talk Career.  Every session is tailored to where you are at, and what you most need – going beyond traditional career counselling towards a comprehensive strategy for your professional development.

We can assist you to:

  • reach your full high-performance potential
  • take high performers to very high performers
  • identify career blockers/barriers that may hamper your career progression
  • identify your unique talents and strengths
  • work on a specific area of workplace concern
  • evaluate the organisational culture that best suits you
  • achieve your performance targets
  • hone your people skills
  • develop your leadership capability.

Executive coaching packages can be purchased by organisations as part of their leadership development or high potential development programs, or by individuals who are investing in their own professional development.

How do I get started?

All our executive coaches are HR/OD degree qualified professionals with extensive experience in business coaching. They have also held senior human resource management roles in both small and ASX100 organisations. We provide career guidance and coaching services in person across Australia and New Zealand.


Face to Face Consultation

Prior to your consultation, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire. This will assist us learn about you and your career coaching goal/s. It will ensure that when we meet we ‘hit the ground running’ and make the best use of our time together.

Initial consultation – 1 1/2 hours: Fee $750+gst

Follow up consult – Optional 1 hour: Fee $500+gst

Payment is due prior to your consult to confirm your booking.
Please note: We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

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Phone Consultation

If you are unable to get to our office/s, you could consider a phone consult. Sessions can be by Zoom (video conference) or a land line.

Initial consultation – 1 hour: Fee $750+gst
Follow up consult – Optional 1 hour: Fee $500+gst

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Email us today at for details of our specialised executive coaching programs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Far North Queensland and Auckland. Alternatively, call us for an appointment to discuss your needs on 1800 284 255.

Executive coaching helps managers become industry leaders. Ready to take your professional life to the next level? Let’s talk career!