How Blue-Collar Outplacement Services Differ To White-Collar

Details of Let's Talk Career Outplacement Services

At the time of writing this article, Let’s Talk Career are working with two Australian organisations that are closing manufacturing plants which have over 50 employees at each site. This is a stressful time for management, HR and the workers directly affected. Our job in providing Blue-Collar Outplacement services is to reduce this stress.

We provide flexible services for the management team

We tailored our offering to their organisation’s unique needs such as staged timing, restricted budget, and low employee skills in the organisation.

For HR we coach and guide on best practice change management

As experienced HR professionals ourselves we’ve been on the other side of the table and undertaken workforce downsizes or rightsizes many times. We’ve walked in the HR manager’s shoes and we know what you need, including:

  • reliability
  • sensibility
  • project management
  • understanding of your IR implications
  • sound advice
  • and a competent sounding board for your planned changes.

For the Employees; small group workshops and one-on-one sessions

For the blue-collar employees impacted, we are there to support them in their transition out of one organisation and into another. We use our expert knowledge of job search to skill up the soon to be redundant employees in job search techniques, so they feel confident to go out on their own and find their next opportunity.

For the two organisations mentioned above we are running three two hour workshops with small groups of six participants on the topics of “where the jobs are” “great resumes” and “great interviews”. These workshops are designed to feel like extended lunchtime chats where people can learn and update their knowledge about job search, while also gaining support and encouragement from their peers who are in the same situation.

As well as the workshops each individual has three one-on-one sessions with his or her career coach. These sessions are tailored to the individual. Examples of topics we cover include:

  • Sitting with them in front of a computer and showing them and how to sign up for automatic notifications via their email.
  • Setting up an email address and showing them how to check it.
  • Helping them set up a professional voicemail message on their phone.
  • Giving advice on what local agencies to approach, and how to call them to introduce themselves and get on their casual books.

The options for what gets covered in these private, individual sessions are endless. One thing that always occurs though is that our customer satisfaction surveys which are completed at the end of the program show that exiting employees get tremendous value and support from these one on one sessions which are tailored sessions just for them.

As participants often have English as a second language, we use simple language to explain job search techniques. We also allow a family/friend interpreter to attend the one-on-one sessions so that communication is as little of a barrier as we can make it.

We understand that blue-collar outplacement is a very different service than white-collar outplacement. It needs to be.

Our white-collar program involves a series of one-on-one meetings with a career coach that focuses on things like:

  • taking stock and resetting direction
  • networking
  • hidden job markets
  • personal branding
  • LinkedIn and social media
  • professional elevator scripts
  • resumes
  • and interviewing techniques.

Our white-collar outplacement sessions are coaching based, and come from the approach that our clients already have a set of job search skills. Our goal is to work with each client to fill any gaps in knowledge and skills, and to ensure they are in the best mind space to perform well in their job search. We are trainer, cheerleader, sounding board, confidante and senior advisor.

Whereas with blue-collar outplacement the clientele often need assistance with computers, literacy and confidence. They need simple messaging, often some hand-holding and they regularly have requirements around what they can do next related to pre-existing injuries, location, family responsibilities’ and the type of shifts and hours they can undertake.

We work within all these factors because we are committed to treating individuals as individuals, and giving each person the support he or she needs to move on to the next stage in their working lives.

Let’s Talk Career’s Outplacement Services increase an individual’s job search knowledge and skills so that they are well-positioned to begin their job search journey.

Find out more about our white-collar and blue-collar outplacement services.

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