Unemployed and Need Cash? 5 Places to Look for Quick Paid Work

Finding ourselves unemployed and short on money is a terrifying experience. Yet applying for, and finding, a permanent job can take time. Time that some people just don’t feel they have to stay financially afloat.

Try not to despair.  There are options. While it is a difficult situation, it is not hopeless.

Below are some short term ways to bring in some quick cash to help get you through while you find your dream job

1/. Websites like Airtasker (www.airtasker.com) and TaskRabbit (www.taskrabbit.com) are online marketplaces where you can quote to undertake small pieces of work in your area. Have a think about what skills you bring. If you are physically fit, you might consider helping someone move house, or do gardening. If you can drive, you might consider taking someone to a medical appointment or doing errands, If you are handy with a screwdriver, it might be assembling an Ikea highchair for someone.

2/. You might consider registering with a casual recruitment agency to do work. Depending on your skill set this might be admin, manual labour or warehousing work. Casual work is paid by the hour, so there is no long term commitment for you or them. Many awards require a minimum 4 hour shift (so you will get at least 4 hours work). Do a google search of recruitment agencies in your area and call them to ask if they have any casual work available.

3/. If you have a professional skill in the creative space you might try registering for Fiver (www.fiver.com) or Freelancer (www.freelancer.com). These sites have customers who want new logos designed,  pieces of digital art designed, websites developed etc. Like Airtasker you quote for each job.

4/. If you have a good quality car, consider driving for Uber (www.uber.com) or if you are female and only want female customers, you might want to try Shebah (shebah.com.au).

5/. Keep an eye on your local facebook groups for opportunities. Many Buy Swap and Sell groups allow other posts and these can include call outs for people to help them move house, babysitting and painting fences.

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