Career Transition Services and Tailored Outplacement Services Throughout Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Far North Queensland and Auckland.

Outplacement services, also known as career transition, are offered to exiting employees by organisations seeking to manage the transition process with minimal disruption to their business. Whether staff are leaving through redundancy or mutually agreed resignation, our tailored outplacement services around Australia will:

  • prepare exiting employees for seeking work outside of your organisation
  • help maintain morale and productivity among your existing employees
  • manage relationships with exiting employees to reduce the risk of negative actions against your organisation.

Outplacement Services Tailored To Individual Needs

We can service all your outplacement needs including Professional/Executive/White collar and Blue Collar/Industrial groups. Our packages start from $1500+gst for blue collar and $1999+gst for white collar.

A tailored career transition program increases an individual’s job search knowledge and skills so that they are well-positioned to begin their job search journey.

Outplacement For Australia’s Modern Workforce

At Let’s Talk Career, we are a little different to most traditional outplacement offerings.

Outplacement Programs Designed For Your Organisation

All our programs are highly tailored to the client’s own needs. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach at Let’s Talk Career.

Holistic Approach To Outplacement Services

We take a holistic approach to getting our clients ‘next job ready’ because we know that feeling great about yourself is a large part of job search success.

As well as modules on resume writing and interviewing skills, our specialist coaches also offer modules on:

  • personal branding
  • LinkedIn
  • personal fitness
  • social media use
  • corporate image.

Using Positive Psychology In Our Outplacement Services

We’re passionate about the science of Positive Psychology and we weave its principles into our program. As trained executive coaches, we work with clients ‘where they are at’ in terms of their job search knowledge and requirements.

Experienced Outplacement Services For Australian Businesses

Lastly, all our coaches come from corporate HR backgrounds. Their advice and coaching is real life, relevant and practical because they have experience sitting on the other side of the hiring table and know how it all works in the real world.

How Our Outplacement Services Work

Individuals are just that – individual. They have different knowledge, strengths and interests. So we don’t run everybody through a standard career transition program. Let’s Talk Career works one-on-one with individuals, tailoring their program to best support them.

We can customise our outplacement services to include career transition programs of:

  • 3 x (1 hour) sessions;
  • 5 x (1 hour) sessions;
  • 9 x (1 hour) sessions;
  • 13 x (1 hour) sessions;
  • 25 x (1 hour) sessions;
  • Custom designed to individual needs.

Choose from our program modules, including:

  • Coping with Change;
  • Re-evaluating what you want from your career/life;
  • Resume Writing;
  • Job Searching;
  • The Hidden Job Market;
  • Networking;
  • Interviewing Skills;
  • Understanding the Role of Recruitment Agencies;
  • Psych Testing and Reference Checking Tips;
  • Negotiating an Offer;
  • Personal Fitness;
  • Dressing for Success.

Start Planning Your Outplacement Services In Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Far North Queensland & Adelaide

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