Are You Waiting To Start Living?

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living” – Eckhart Tolle

This quote by Eckhart Tolle resonates with us as executive, business and career coaches.

We often see people who think they have a valid ‘reason’ why they can’t pursue the things that they believe would make them happy or satisfied.

They do, indeed, spend their whole life waiting to start living the life they really want.

Common conversations include explanations on how ‘now is not the right time’, or their commitments or responsibility to others are a greater priority.

It could be the belief that financial pressures prevent them from pursuing their dreams, or simply the age-old ‘time poor’ excuse.

When we dig more deeply though, we find that most people don’t pursue what they would love to do because of FEAR.

This can be fear of the unknown, fear of change or even fear of success.

We have but one life, and not living the life you want because of fear is a tragedy.

At “Let’s Talk Career” our executive and career coaches work closely with executives and professionals to identify what they really want, and why they’re waiting to achieve it.

We work together to put in place a plan of how, over time, they can get there.

Then they are no longer waiting to start living: they are already on the path to it, with a clear map in hand.

And, as we know, having a clear roadmap and being on the road trip towards the destination, is an empowering and exciting feeling.

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