5 Top Reasons To Change Jobs in 2017

During the Christmas and Summer holidays many people inevitably ask themselves should they change jobs, particularly if they are having strong negative feelings about returning to work in the New Year after their break.

Do these thoughts and feelings just appear because you are enjoying some relaxing time with friends and family and winding down? Or are they feelings you really should be taking note of?

If any or some of the following scenarios apply to you perhaps the holidays are a good time to consider changing jobs in the New Year.

1/. You Are Missing New Challenges:
• If you no longer feel challenged and haven’t for some time. Where you are no longer growing your skills and knowledge through new experiences. Where you are feeling stale and bored on a regular basis.

2/. You Feel Permanently Stressed:
If you are feeling constantly stressed and anxious because of work demands or office politics and you have tried to work through these with HR, or your manager, and it hasn’t improved. Life is too short: don’t spend your time going to work in a job that makes you miserable and has an impact on your whole life! If it is affecting your physical and mental health, and you feel powerless to change the situation, move jobs!

3/. You Don’t Feel Appreciated:
When you feel tolerated rather than celebrated for your personality, strengths and talents. This is about cultural fit with your current employer. If you feel you don’t fit in to your organisation you can spend tremendous energy trying to belong, or you can accept that these people aren’t ‘your people’ and move on. Find a place that embraces you as you are, accepts and likes your style and where you feel you are appreciated.

4/. You Are Becoming Stale:
When you have been in the same role for over 5 years! While this is a broad statement and may not apply to everyone, in many cases staying too long in the one role can be detrimental to your career. This is especially the case when your duties haven’t changed during that period.

5/. Your Job Doesn’t Match Your Personal Or Career Goals:
When the role you are in doesn’t align with your career goals and aspirations. To be clear, we are not suggesting you look for another job simply if this one isn’t your dream job. Rather, we are suggesting that you should only stay in a role that you know is developing the experience and/or career path to help achieve your ultimate career goal.

You will notice that we haven’t once mentioned more pay, or post holidays blues, in the above points. In our opinion, these are the least important reasons to move jobs, for they are the least likely to secure your long term career happiness.

If you would like the advice of a professional career counsellor or executive coach to better understand whether you should be moving jobs or employer in 2017 then give us a call and book an appointment today -1800 284 255 or email us here – https://www.letstalkcareer.com/contact-us/. We work nationally across Australia and have career counsellors and executive coaches in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Far North Queensland.

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