The Rise of Executive Outplacement in Melbourne

Executive outplacement in Melbourne can give you the edge in a challenging job market. What you need to know and how it can help.

Job opportunities on the rise in Melbourne: make sure you don’t miss out



There is never a good time to be unemployed and 2020 has been a difficult year for many people in Australia and around the world who have been stood down, laid off or made redundant. In Australia, employment rates have slowly been improving, with the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicating job vacancies around the country increased by almost 60% from May to August this year. In Victoria, the statistics are looking promising with vacancies increasing from approximately 29 000 to almost 46 000 jobs in the same period. 

Australians at all employment levels have faced unemployment and are now readying themselves to apply for these openings. For executives who may have been out of employment for a number of months it can seem daunting to apply for positions, especially without the security of a current income. However, there is comfort to be taken in the slow but steady stream of executive-level jobs being advertised around the country. A quick online search reveals prospects are looking good for executives in Melbourne, with the expectation that, as restrictions continue to ease, companies will review business requirements and become more and more likely to begin rehiring. 

If you are an executive who has been out of the workplace for a period of time, executive outplacement support should be the secret weapon to help you gain an advantage in a difficult job market. 

How executive outplacement in Melbourne can help

Outplacement services provide practical advice and skill development to support people through employment transition. As an executive, you almost certainly have years of experience gained in one or two industries and hope to find employment in a similar industry. One of the benefits of engaging an outplacement provider is the opportunity to look at your industry experience and career aspirations from a different perspective. Working one-on-one with a consultant, you will identify your key strengths, skills and experience from a workplace perspective, and compare how these align with your career goals, your work ethics and your passion. Executive outplacement support will help you to gain an understanding of how you could alter your career path to better suit your long-term career aspirations. 

Outplacement consultants can give specific assistance in terms of writing a cover letter or resume that stands out, but experienced executive outplacement consultants will help you focus on your transferable skills and how to make the most of these in the current job market. Executive outplacement consultants will explain how to interpret more meaning from a job description and apply based on skills gained in previous roles. Using specific wording and language to describe your transferable key strengths will mean your application stands out from the crowd.

Executive outplacement services will also give advice on how to capitalise on your business networks. You have undoubtedly gathered friends, colleagues and acquaintances over the years who know and respect your experience and work ethic. An executive outplacement consultant based in Melbourne will not only be able to provide you with recommendations and suggestions for making use of your networks, but will also have local knowledge that makes sense and fits with your experience.

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