Why Your Executive Coach Asks You To Dare To Dream Sometimes

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It may initially feel as bit airy fairy but when you executive coach asks you to dare to dream -they do it for a reason. In our executive coaching and career counselling work we often find many of our clients struggle to ‘dream’. When we ask them to explore their ‘ideal’ or ‘fantasy’ situation they find it difficult.

Why is this?

As adults, we have conditioned ourselves to be realistic, to be moderate in our expectations and to be ‘adult’ in our thinking. Dreams and fantasy are for children, or hippy pixie dust people in Nimbin, right?

Creative and imaginative thinking is often discouraged in our schooling and in our workplaces. There is great benefit, however, in being able to dream about what the ideal or fanciful looks like.

Creating a strong vision about what wishes, dreams, hopes and success look like to you, without boundaries and without caveats, helps us identify what is important to our clients in their professional and personal life. What you value, and what matters most to you.

Our career counsellors and executive coaches can help identify which themes or elements of the dream are the most attractive to you and why, and then explore how they can become reality in our your current life circumstances.

Working with an executive coach or a career counsellor can help make 2017 your year. The sky’s not the limit … the only limit is you.

If you would like the support of a professional executive coach to better understand what would make you the most happy in your work, give us a call and book an appointment today – 1800 284 255 or email us at here – https://www.letstalkcareer.com/contact-us/. Let’s Talk Career work nationally across Australia and have career counsellors and executive coaches in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Far North Queensland.

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