Specialised Coaching Experts

Ed – Social Media Coach

Ed had an extensive background in recruitment (both agency and in-house), and corporate human resources, before embarking on his career as a Social Media Expert. He developed an interest in the use of social media for networking and career development purposes, whilst studying for his MBA and working at Melbourne Business School. He has trained and coached MBA students on developing and articulating their personal brand, researching a network and then engaging with individuals who could provide them with industry specific advice and career opportunities. He has a passion for coaching executives looking to leverage LinkedIn and other social media to develop and promote their personal brand, job seek and further develop their careers. Ed is sought-after for speaking engagements and coaching in the Social Media spaces of LinkedIn, Facebook, Klout, Twitter and the like.

Sally – Corporate Image Coach

Sally is an experienced Personal Stylist, Wardrobe Consultant and Corporate Image Consultant. A qualified teacher by trade, she works with clients to identify and polish their professional image. We all know first impressions count – how we look is critical to this. She presents sessions to corporate groups on ‘Dressing for Success.’ She also coaches individuals one-on-one on how to look their best in a professional and corporate setting.

Nic – Personal Fitness Trainer

Nicola is a qualified Fitness Trainer, who is passionate about assisting individuals to ‘get on the right track’ to health and fitness. We all know that these are critical components in putting our best feet forward in our professional lives. Nicola can help you get on the right track.