10 Useful Apps for Job Seekers in Australia

Looking for a new job requires skills, knowledge and time.

Here are 10 useful apps for mobile devices that you can use to find jobs, improve your skills and knowledge, and save time. And they’re all FREE!

You can access the Apps mentioned via the App Store on your Apple device or Google Play via your Android device. We’ve also included links where you can find further information.

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1. Stay connected with your network via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe.

When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.

Read more about LinkedIn.

We Recommend LinkedIn as a way to tap into your network. The majority of roles aren’t advertised and so connecting and staying in touch with people you know is valuable. LinkedIn is also increasingly a place where employers advertise roles and conduct local labour market/talent searches.

LinkedIn iPhone App

LinkedIn Android App

2. Find jobs via Seek

As “Australia’s number one jobs site” Seek allows you to search for jobs throughout Australia as well as finding advice and tips to help you get a job.

Seek has an App available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

3. Find jobs via Job Seeker Job Search

The Job Seeker Job Search website is a government-funded database for employers and job seekers.

They have an App that links to the website which allows you to access your dashboard, apply for jobs and more.

4. Research potential employers with Glass Door

As well as allowing you to search job listings, Glassdoor.com.au shows you salary data and allows you to read reviews on companies written by their employees.

To access the app, enter your mobile number on the home page and they will text you a link.

5. Meet your Centrelink requirements via the Express Plus Centrelink App

The Australian Government’s Express Plus Centrelink app provided by the Department of Human Services helps job seekers report their income and changes in circumstances to Centrelink. Once you have the app you won’t need to visit an office or wait on the phone!

Job seekers on Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or Parenting Payment (with participation requirements) can view their payments, view letters, receive reminder messages and in most circumstances report their employment income.

Apps are available for Apple devices with iOS7+ and Android devices with version 4 and above.

Find out more

iPhone App

Android App

6. Build your skills for Free with Coursera

By partnering with top universities and organizations worldwide, Coursera offers online courses. With over 1000 free courses available, you can study online to learn new skills that you can add to your resume.

iPhone App

Android App

7. Find your strengths and use them to achieve success in your job search with Strengths Finder

Use gallup’s strengths solutions to be more engaged, more productive, and happier.

Gallup created the science of strengths. From more than 50 years of research to our bestselling books, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessments have helped millions of people discover what they do best.

Visit the Gallup Strenghts Centre website to read more

iPhone App

Android App

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8. Stay positive by saving and sharing happy memories with HappiJar

HappiJar® is a new and exciting phone app that helps you save and share happy memories. For a quick smile just shake your jar and see what pops out.

Read more on the HappiJar website.

Available for iPhone

9. Achieve your Goals with Way of Life

This habit forming app keeps you on track towards achieving goals.

Invest less than a minute daily to track, identify and change your habits with Way of Life’s unique color system.

As you collect more and more information you will be able to easily spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle….

Read more on the Way of Life website.

Available for iPhone

10. Discover what makes you unique with Talent Today

Discover what makes you unique, for free. The Talentoday personality test, developed by psychologists, has been taken by millions around the world. The 10 minute test quickly identifies your unique personality and motivations, leading you to a more fulfilling career and future.

Find out more about the iPhone App or visit the Talentoday website

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Kris has over 20 years executive HR and executive coaching experience in Australian corporates. With a Masters Degree in Leadership, she works with senior executives to both improve their leadership performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.

Author: Kris

Kris has over 20 years executive HR and executive coaching experience in Australian corporates. With a Masters Degree in Leadership, she works with senior executives to both improve their leadership performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.