What are Outplacement Services?


Outplacement services, also known as career transition services, are support services offered by organisations to to exiting employees.  Outplacement assists the exiting employee in preparing for new job opportunities through psychological and practical support.

Why provide outplacement services?

Whether a staff member is leaving through redundancy or mutually agreed resignation, our tailored outplacement services around Australia will:

  • prepare exiting employees for seeking work outside of your organisation
  • help maintain morale and productivity among your existing employees
  • manage relationships with exiting employees to reduce the risk of negative actions against your organisation.

What is provided to the exiting employee?

While you can tailor every session to your needs and the needs of your exiting employee, our outplacement sessions focus on key areas:

Feel Fantastic

  • Coping with Your Emotions
  • Recognising and dealing with the anger, grief, denial etc that comes with unplanned change and job loss
  • Managing Personal Change
  •  Taking control of change
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Building Your Emotional and Physical Resilience
  • Eating; Sleep; Exercise; Meditation; Managing Stress

Look Fabulous

  • Dressing For Corporate Success

Find Your Focus

  • Understanding What Matters Most To You
  •   Values identification exercise and debrief
  • Identifying Your Personal and Professional Strengths
  •  Values in Action and strengths identification exercises and debrief
  • Taking Stock and Setting New Personal Professional Goals
  • Goal identification and setting
  • Writing Your ‘Ideal Job’ Checklist
  • Identifying what an ideal job looks like  -location, salary, duties, future opportunities etc so you can review opportunities against it
  • Managing Your Time, Energy and Motivation for Job Search Ups and Downs
  • Building your resilience strategies to keep people active and engaged in their own jobs search;
  • Dealing with disappointments;
  • Time Management/ Being self-driven

Finesse Your Brand

  • Your Personal Branding
    • Understanding how personal branding impacts success
    • Identifying your own brand potential
  • Networking for Success
    • Identifying networks
    • How to network
  • Utilising Social Media in Your Job Search – An Overview
    •     Overview of different types of social media – Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Blogs etc -and how they can assist job searching
  • Using Linkedin in Your Job Search
    • Overview of LinkedIn’s main functions
    • A professional critique of your existing LinkedIn Profile and a debrief of areas to improve/focus

Find New Opportunities

  • Finding The Hidden Job Market
    • Where the jobs aren’t advertised
  • Exploring Contracting and Consulting Work
  •    How it works; Benefits;  Down sides;  Different business setups – consulting versus contracting
  • Exploring Starting Your Own Business
    • What’s involved
    • Where to start

Flawlessly Job Search

  • Writing Your Cover Letter
    •  Formatting and content of a great cover letter
    • Reading into job ads and applying to cover letters
  • Writing Your Own Resume
    • Tips, formats, information on writing a resume
  • Your Existing Resume – A Professional review
    •     A professional critique of your existing resume and a debrief of areas to improve/focus
  • Utilising Recruitment Agencies
    • How they work and how to approach them
  • Tips for Selection Criteria Based Applications
    • Overview of selection criteria and how to address them
  • Managing Your Referees
    • Who to use, when to advise of referees and how to brief them for success
  • Psychometric Assessments – An Insight into What They Are And How They Work
    • What they measure
    • How they work
    • Can you prepare?

Be Front and Centre Face to Face

  • Preparing for Behavioural Interviews
    •   Types of questions
    • Best answers
    • STAR questioning
  • Watching Your Language – Body language and Speech
    • Use of positive language
    • Use of body language
  • Interview Practice –Role Play
    • Run through a mock interview start to finish, receive constructive criticism and areas to focus
  • Managing Panel Interviews Effectively
    • How to handle yourself in interviews with multiple interviewers.

Find Further Assistance

  • Career Transition Coaching

If you would like to learn about how we can tailor an outplacement program to suit your needs, please contact us today for an obligation-free chat and quote.

Why choose Let’s Talk Career Outplacement Services?

Let’s Talk Career is a leading Australian career counselling, career coaching and outplacement services organisation.  Our career services, for exiting employees, graduates and senior executives include resume development and refinement, personal branding, LinkedIn, advice on dealing with recruitment agencies, interview technique, advice negotiating flexible work and new job offers.  With decades of experience and a national network of professional career coaches, our brand is recognised as a leader in career services.

Nobody relishes the task of exiting an employee, get the support you both need.

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Kris has over 20 years executive HR and executive coaching experience in Australian corporates. With a Masters Degree in Leadership, she works with senior executives to both improve their leadership performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.

Author: Kris

Kris has over 20 years executive HR and executive coaching experience in Australian corporates. With a Masters Degree in Leadership, she works with senior executives to both improve their leadership performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.

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