Should I Take Up an Offer of Outplacement Services?

outplacement services

It’s just happened. Your employer has just sat you down and explained that your position has been made redundant. They go through your payout and handover details, and offer you outplacement services. But should you accept it?

Hesitating about outplacement? We have seen is all, here are the main reasons:

Outplacement Services Hesitation 1/. – “I don’t think I need it”.

Many people feel they don’t need it. Either they have been in the job market relatively recently (and have an up to date resume) or they have a friend who can ‘help’.

Interestingly many people have an outdated view of what outplacement is. It’s more than just resume advise. So much more!

I was talking to a HR Manager recently who shared that when they think of outplacement services, they think of grey haired old guys in tweed grey cardigans, with their glasses on the end of their nose, giving outdated resume advice and insisting on running through a predetermined schedule of topics whether the client wants to know about them or not. It made me laugh and, I’m not going to lie, shrink a little in discomfort all at the same time. (Possibly because I understood the stereotype all too well! Possibly because it’s nothing we aspire to anytime soon!).

It also makes me quite sad, for two reasons. Firstly, because I know that this type of ‘service offering’ still exists in the industry, and secondly, because it means that people aren’t aware of the incredible value working with a Career Coach can give them if outplacement is offered by your employer!

Outplacement, in Australia, in 2020, with Let’s Talk Career, provides one on one career coaching advice tailored to your individual needs. It can cover the gamit of career related topics including career planning, career development, personal branding and up to date advise on navigating through the modern day maze of psychometric testing, assessment centres and assessment tasks. It is also a personalised coaching service which acts as your professional sounding board and thought partner (possibly when your spouse, friends and kids are sick of listening to you anymore about your job search).

So, while you may have an up to date resume, the offer of outplacement to support you in your job search can be a very valuable thing.

Outplacement Services Hesitation  2/. – Nothing in life is free, if it’s too good to be true it probably is!

 We totally understand the healthy cynicism. But honestly this is one of those few times in life where you have nothing to lose! Your organisation purchases a package on your behalf. They pay us, so you don’t have to. They do this because they want to provide you with a ‘leg up’ to help you find your next opportunity quickly. They want you to be supported as you move on from their employment. They want to treat you well. (As a HR Director for over 30 years, trust me on this advice).

Some people are concerned that accepting outplacement service means their legal position is somehow weakened or threatened. Now while I can’t or won’t give you employment law advice, I can (I have never had a client who took up our service tell us their legal or negotiating position was weakened by accepting the outplacement support.

And at Let’s Talk Career we do not share your detailed session information with your previous employer. It is a confidential discussion in your sessions. The only thing we do share with your previous employer is if you are using the sessions (that they have paid for in advance) so they know that the service they bought was used (and I’m not some con artist on a boat in Morocco!). Our update emails typically go something like this “Hi HR Manager Charlie, Thanks for enquiring about Joe. Joe has had 5 sessions with us so far and we believe that he is finding the service valuable” or “She has had 3 sessions and found a role. She is thrilled; as are we. Thanks for utilising our services”. And if even this amount of information feels ‘too much’ for you then tell us upon commencement of using our service, and we will reply with “Joe has asked us to keep all details of this sessions with us confidential, so unfortunately I can’t share any form of update with you. I’m sure you appreciate how sensitive these matters can be, so we aren’t able to provide any more of the details of how they are going”. So yes they pay, but the sessions are yours.

Outplacement Services Hesitation  3/. – “It’s my time, they don’t employ me anymore, so I ain’t going”

Yep totally true. Your employer can’t make you attend anything anymore. But be really careful not to chop off your nose to spite yourself. The person who benefits from attending outplacement sessions is … you. They are designed to give you advice on navigating the employment market at this time. They are designed for you to tap in to an employment expert who knows all the tricks of the trade to put you in front of other job candidates (who probably don’t have outplacement services). So yes, it’s your time, and it is you who benefits from them.

Look at it like this – If you start sessions and don’t like them, or don’t find them valuable you can swap coaches, or stop attending altogether. and everything to gain by accepting the offer of outplacement services from your employer.

Still not sure if you should take up the offer of an outplacement service? Click to find out more information about outplacement and career transition

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Kris has over 20 years executive HR and executive coaching experience in Australian corporates. With a Masters Degree in Leadership, she works with senior executives to both improve their leadership performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.

Author: Kris

Kris has over 20 years executive HR and executive coaching experience in Australian corporates. With a Masters Degree in Leadership, she works with senior executives to both improve their leadership performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.

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